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Maya in Burnaby 2843. Any info


Jan 21, 2010
I had a chance to see her yesterday. Incall is off Kingsway past Royal Oak. She is tiny, and looks like a kid with braces and all, pictures are accurate, but I was already there and figured what the hell. Opted for a HH with a BBBJ. Fellas i'll tell you one thing, she reals knows what she's doing when it comes to sex. BBBJ was incredible, sloppy and she rotated her hand every time she went up and down on jr. (I love when a women does that) almost about to blow I told her to put on the hat on jr and lets go for a ride. She wasn't the tightest and I believe she had a kid recently due to the stretch marks I saw but I didn't mind. Her being so tiny I just manhandled her, various positions and making her squirt twice later. I asked her to blow jr to finish it off, and she did it like a champ. She wouldn't let me blow in her mouth, which was ok cause the bbbj was enough for me, blew my load FUCKING everywhere and laid there feeling like bliss. Showered up and left very satisfied.

Will repeat again, and what's crazy is she offers GREEK which is insane cause she's fucking tiny. BUT i shall try that next time, just hope i don't break her LOL.

Damage was a buck seventy. Enjoy fellas.

wakka wakka

Jul 22, 2010
I went and saw her for myself.. yes she is "petite" and accommodating.. but those stretch marks on her stomach and breasts just dont do much for me..... Shes is nice though this chick is damaged goods but i could see how she can be appealing to the over 30 crowd... its the braces....
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