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Massage with Lilly James


New member
Sep 12, 2018
So, I am a new member to Perb, but have read and appreciated the comments and reviews from other members for a few years. I don't usually have a lot of free time (or a lot of spare cash) and I am not a full service guy, but rather I prefer a great sensual massage with someone with personality and who knows what she's doing and enjoys doing it.
I met Lilly James about 5 years ago, and I still enjoy very much her company and her massage. She is a curvy, vivacious woman, who gives a great therapeutic massage, and an even better sensual massage. But what I really appreciate about her is her personality, someone with intelligence, someone who can hold a conversation, someone with a sharp wit (be careful!), and someone who thoroughly enjoys what she does. If you are a respectful, clean, intelligent gentleman, you will certainly enjoy your time with Lilly. I have had some very good massages with a few others in the Kelowna area, but I always come back to Lilly. I am not the first to sing her praises, and I certainly won't be the last. And like others before, there is a part of me that doesn't want to share this info. But she deserves to be recognized for the service she provides. And by the way, don't embarrass yourself asking about full service. Be a gentleman, be respectful, and you will absolutely enjoy your time with Lilly.


Dec 13, 2009
Totally agree. She is one of my all-time favourite masseuses (top two and the other one is retired). She is attentive and works to please you.