Tara Green

Massage - "Feeling a lil knotty?"


Sep 27, 2011
I think there are other reviews on here. Like Rocky Beach said, she has been around for a very long time. I have seen her a total of three times. Honestly each time seemed worse than the last time. It has been a few years since I have seen her now, however my last visit was a no repeat. She seemed rushed, said she had somewhere to go. Massage wasn't that great, and just a huge emphasis to get me off as quick as she could so she could leave. Place reeked of cigarette smoke as well. No desire to go back to her. The way I look at it, bad service once, shame on the provider. Bad service twice, bad on me. Bad service a third time... lol give my head a shake what was I thinking? LOL I suppose the very first one was ok actually, which is why I did the repeat for the second one. But the second one... well I just had had better in the past. But after the third one, not a chance. Now again it has been a few years. Maybe she has stepped up her game? I'd be interested to hear more recent reviews to see if it is better now. Maybe she has stepped up her game? @stealth89 give her a try and let us know. The worst thing that can happen is just not going back. The best thing... well lol... an orgasm hahahahaha ;)


Nov 6, 2010
I saw her a couple of years ago on short notice. She was friendly and accomaodating.
I thought she had a nice body with enhanced tits and an attractive enough face.
Got me off with a handjob while I had had one hand on her tits and another playing with her pussy while french kissing her.
A good experience for me.
Pink Cherry