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Maia in Kelowna aka Leila in Pr. George


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Jun 19, 2015
BC Canada
Well Merry Christmas everyone.
I have been MIA lately, mostly due to being away on vacation time.
Had to come back to BC for a week and take care of business stuff.
Decided to treat myself to an early Christmas gift as well.

I won't make this a really long review.
Just my opinion on Leila who is in PG right now.
You can book her through Rikki as everyone already knows I think at Black Orchid
250 960 2665 (I am making it easy to find the contact because most don't and it is annoying to just get a few digits of a phone number or no link etc) or

If you are a guy that must have giant breasts....well she isn't for you.

But if you are like me and prefer a lady who is a true sweetheart, then go see her.
From the great, and I do mean great deep and passionate kiss from the very first second upon arrival.
To her amazing slappable and squeezable ass...she is the queen of pleasing.
She rides great, or roll her over and be on top, just fun no matter.
In between time one and time two she was super nice and interesting to chat with. Her eyes are beautiful as is her soul!
Did I mention that she can kiss better than maybe any other lady on the planet.
I could have just spent the time kissing her and been happy.
If I had to complain about anything, and this is stretching to find a complaint...her washing me in the shower skills could use work.
But again I had to think about it to find a complaint about no one thinks I am a shill or something. But hopefully my rep here is good and speaks for itself.
I've actually been told I was too harsh before in past reviews.
I'm just honest is all and not going to say a lady is great if she isn't.
But Leila/Maia is great!
Till next time beautiful lady....and there will be a next time!!!
Merry Christmas xo
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Feb 7, 2010
Have to agree with Kamloops review. She was super fun to be with. She welcomed me with a smile and open kiss before heading to the bedroom. Very responsive to DATY. It was maybe 6 months ago that I saw her. Forgot a lot of the visit ( getting to but it was top notch from what I recall. After we finished, we cuddled and we chatted. I don't post much here. But I thought I'd give my 2 cents worth.

K Man

Mar 21, 2018
I would have to agree!

I have seen Maia several times and they have all been great.

She is a real star. Treat her well if you see her.
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