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M & M duo with Morgan & Mindy


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Feb 13, 2011
I have to say spontaneity has always been successful for me and today was truly an epic experience with Morgan & Mindy. The meat in an M&M sandwich.
So what was supposed to be a drive through Calgary turned into an overnight stay. I reached to Morgan to see if she might have time to see me. And yes she did have time but suggested a session with both her and Mindy. M&M!! Not much convincing was needed.
Well I have to say I was a bit nervous after reading the reviews and stories about these two together in the bedroom. And they are all true. The nervousness was relieved within seconds of meeting with these ladies. Their chemistry is amazing. The visual sensations -WOW!! Morgan’s mirrors add to the blow your mind visuals. Mindy is known for her squirt abilities and did not disappoint. The double bj is fantastic.Far to many details to describe!
It’s been a few weeks and I still find myself Shaking my head and asking myself what the hell happened ? What an amazing experience to say the least!! And can’t wait till the next YYC layovers.They advertise on LL in the Dom Fetish section.
Dynamic Domme Duo~ Mindy & Morgan~ M&M
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