Lula Blue - A 'Clue Review

Clueless in AB

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May 1, 2004
CAF-lovin' Calgarian
Lula Blue is just as lovely as her twitter photos would lead you to believe. I was fortunate enough to win some time with Lula due to the unfortunate events occurring with Calgary Victoria. Always happy to donate to one of the strongest persons on CAF.

I chose to purchase additional time so that we can make our first meeting an opportunity to get to know this vision in blue hair. This girl is the definition of the girl friend experience. And she does completely focus on you, your words and actions. I appreciated her full attention on me.

I could expound about the naughty bits that I continue to rewind in my memory but there are other reviews that explain why they wrote the words they did. And while it was a highlight, I find myself also cherishing the naked bed picnic using up the remaining time.

Thanks to you, Lula!