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Aug 31, 2021
Not sure what's up with April?

I did see Ivy today. She is quite small, but has bolt ons, which I do not like at all; appears to be in her 40's, I think... She also speaks very little english so communication is somewhat difficult. Massage was ok, but I would not repeat personally.
Roughly what size bolt on?


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Jul 1, 2019
I've seen April over a dozen times and we have built quite a strong connection, where she knows what I like and remembers conversations we have had and things going on in my life and she asks me about them. She is so very sweet and I really enjoy every session we spend together.

I was just asking if anyone knew if she has moved to another location, or if she will be back soon. There was also talk in this thread about her taking a trip to Asia. I really have never had a massage provider care so much and it would be sad if she is gone. I would miss her terribly. I know they usually rotate the ladies between locations, but we have been spoiled having April here for so long.
I found similar with April. I've only seen her twice as I only get over to the island once maybe three times a year. It was about 6 months between visits with her yet she recognized the jacket I was wearing and remembered a few things about conversations in the first visit. It's like going into a bar for the first time then coming back a month or two later and the same server remembers what you were drinking. That always impresses me. Whenever in conversations through the session April comes across as having genuine interest and thoughfulness whatever the topic. It goes beyond small talk.


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Jul 26, 2010
Hey guys seen apple recently has a really nice rear end how does Michelle compare or should I stick with apple
For me michelle takes the edge from the two but I have a better connection with her over apple. She has a nice butt too. Spinner type id say give it a go variety is the spice of life afterall
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