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Let's Check In, Let's Keep Up

Lady Vanessa

Apr 16, 2014
Hello to Everyone,

This post isn't soliciting anything of monetary value. This post is simply a "CHECK IN" for sex workers as well as those who seek their company to check in on folks during this covid-19 crisis.
As a provider in Nanaimo, I am receiving emails from concerned suitors, as to how I am maintaining throughout these unprecedented times.
Although, I appreciate these inquiries, not all providers want to receive unsolicited messages during this pandemic.
I created this post as a daily, to weekly log in and say you're present, you're maintaining and share any positive vibes you wish to share.
I politely ask you to refrain from negative comments and name calling. Just share that you are still here, that you're doing well and possibly share the highlight of your day/week.
Take care of yourselves and let's take care of one another. *cheers*
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