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Mar 10, 2017
I managed to get a session with Leanne after her bailing on the first attempt. While the pictures on her website are accurate, they are a bit dated. Also she didi not seem to be that into the session. The session started out with a light massage, and she did enjoy having her breasts squeezed, but the BBBJ was just mediocre and would only allow DATY above the clit, not on / around the clit. I hope that this was an off day for her.


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Dec 1, 2017
Thanks for the review!

Awhile back I was looking through her website and thought it was better than most. She was great about stating everything she allowed. I love providers who are more up front.

I was hesitant because her Victoria dates were few and many of the pics seemed to be dated from 2012 (via url). I thought that may have been just how she updated her site but maybe not.


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Jan 30, 2016
I tried her twice, the second time hoping that our first encounter was an off day for her. Lack luster performance to say the least! Too many great providers out there to see her again.


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Aug 16, 2017
I saw her once and will echo the prevailing sentiment here. It was an odd or awkward session to say the least. She was very slow, lacked energy, and was strangely 'instructional' when I was doing DATY or sex. Talking during sex and telling a guy how you like it is one thing - and can be hot - but her's was more like bad instructional video narrated by a mother. During DATY she would actually cover certain parts of her puss with her hand. And during sex she wouldn't let me really go to town and fuck her hard - or even regular. It was very slow and I couldn't go deep. She stopped me several times to slow my pace or my depth.

Like I said... awkward and definitely not enjoyable.

Her body looks much better in the pics than in person - as is so often the case. Her boobs are so fake they're actually hard. She strikes me as in her early 50's so about 10 yrs older than she purports. Don't get fooled by all the services she's offering. Even if you get it it will be disappointing and lackluster.
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