"K" from Wonderbeauty......Gaperific!!


Love to Eat Pussy!
Aug 2, 2014
In Pussyland
Financial constraints in the last couple of years have served to rein in the unbridled enthusiasm of days gone by, so I often have found myself opting for the Asian Micro Market (WB and SBB). I have found that they usually have, no negative surprises, bbbj (always), kissing, great value and slim, trim, beautiful girls. Always reliable, always on time, and the chance of getting sucked into a relationship of any kind is rather remote.

I didn't pick K but rather I asked the booker who he had on short notice this afternoon and he came back with K. And she turned out to be a terrific fit (so to speak).

K has short hair(unusual for a Korean I must say) framing a pretty face, topping an incredible 5' 8" body that would be at home on any of the worlds high fashion runways. Long legs, very nice C cup bolt on's (Korean surgeons do the best implants by far), and a couple of large tastefully done tattoos. But for me a Pervy highlight was a Gap that you could steer an ETS bus through and a glassy smooth pussy.

Standard SOPAM routine of course, including the Bj in the shower and on the bed. She is a hands free type of girl which is what I personally prefer. Pussy so smooth it felt like it was waxed yesterday, pure silk. And tasty I might add. She must like 69 as it was she who initiated the move, which came as a bit of a surprise. I must say it really got things up and running.

When it eventually came around to the main event, I would say it was amazing. She is spectacular in mish and doggy! Such a visual treat! If nature has been kind to you in the dick department, fear not, she is not a delicate flower. Certainly took my best excuse for a pounding, LOL.

So there you have it, great looker, spectacular bod, and great in the sack. What more can you ask for.

She will be in Edmonton for a couple of weeks more. If you love a Gappy tall girl that can really bring it. She could be the girl for you.

As always YMMV.

Pink Cherry