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joy!!! that mixed phillipines.....worst session of my life

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Nov 16, 2019
that's my first time review here just for u guys can save ur money!!! so last Tuesday i texted joy for an hour session....she is from Winnipeg btw, here for visit. whenever i texted her, she was very nice and wanted me to come asap. i went her place at 8pm. after my shower done she asked for the money. whenever i gave her the amount for hour session, she said her boyfriend is on the way , he can come anytime. i was like wtf!!! u already took money and now saying this!! just after 10m her guy start knocking at the door. i was just so pissed. she asked me to go away. so she took 200$ just for 10m. i went away and text her that i gonna post about her. First she said if u do that then she also gave my contact to all lady and saying i was so rude. when i said i had lots of good references from ladies then she start begging and offer me 1 more hour or cash back. next morning she texted me she was very sick , while i checked the site i found her add saying she is available till 10pm. when i mention that she just deleted her add and disappeared. so i thought i should share about that bitch so u guys can stay safe and save ur valuable money.
i gonna post my whole conversation with her but i am not sure how to attach pictures. if u have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks 🙂


Jan 18, 2012
I've known Joy for a long time, specifically when she used to live in Vancouver.

Since the first time I visited her, back in 2015, she treated me really well. She always offered me a shower, a drink, a massage, and then we had a good intimate and meaningful time. I visited her very often, so we became good friends.

When she moved to Manitoba, it was sad for me; however, we still keep in touch. We text messaging very often. Also, she has visited Vancouver on tour a couple of times and it has been great to see her and her gorgeous/sexy curves 😉

Sorry dude, I don't believe your review. Joy is a respectful lady. You treat her well, she treats you well.



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Feb 21, 2020
I can echo Latin's experience. I have visited Joy twice now in Brandon, and both times were amazing. I did a 1/2 the first time and a hour the second.
From the get go, I was made to feel comfortable and welcome. I was offered a shower, drinks, and had a nice conversation before I got an amazing massage and then was given an amazing bj, before going the whole way.
I don't do things like this very often, and she made me feel so relaxed and calm. I am definitely going back the next time she comes through.
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