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Jessyka @ Sweet VIPs


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Aug 9, 2019
It's been a while that i've wrote something here. I think it's time to write some reviews.

Jessyka (touring) from Montreal @ Sweet VIPs

If you look on their website, you will see beautiful pictures of her. To sexy to be truth (honestly). The pictures are very professional and well done. I also never use VIPs before so it was my first time with them. She is at their condo. The place is very nice and clean and in a nice area. Lots of parking so you won't have any issues with this.

For Jessyka, i would say that she has ninja skills (lol). When I arrived at her door, she immediatly opened the door like if it was hunted. So she must have a six sense and that's amazing. lol
When i've entered this hunted condo, she welcomed me with a nice hug and kisses. She has a very sexy french accent that I would listen to her talking all night! Her body is very sexy and I can confirm that all pictures of her are legit. She is that sexy!

After i've freshn up, we started this fun time. She is very clean and no signs of drugs addictions (her skin is perfect and her face is beautiful). I have to say that she has very nice curves and a very sexy body (nice lips, big butt, small waist and nice boobs). She is also very good at her job (without going into details) and YMMV. Didn't look at the time and was not in a rush. She does start a timer on her phone (for sure) but will not make you hurry up hoping she can finish early. She also chat with me at end of it and we kinda took more time that we had.

Verdict, i will see her again. She is amazing! If you respect her, she will respect you. Always keep that in mind! :) For me, she is a 9/10. She is in the same category of veronika sky, chelsea cougar and crimson day if you had the chance to meet them. If you have the chance to see her before she leaves, make sure that she comes back here (make her feel good and appreciated). Last time she came here was about 8 year ago, so I would like to see her again and again.


Jul 15, 2008
Thank you so very much for the sweet review, we appreciate when we can inspire them as a team.
We would love to have Jessyka visit again - you are right it was WAY too long since our last visit with her -
you will have to thank her friend Miley (also on our website) we hope to keep you making more sweet memories
for you in between Jessyka's visits & we will do our very best to ensure it's not as long in between ;)

Ps - For any Vancouver boys - Jessyka is loving BC so much - we just booked her next tour stop... stay tuned.
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