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Input needed from Mod!


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May 30, 2002
hey mod, I was going to report my own post in order to get your feedback, but that function has been disabled:(

I think we need some input on groundrules on questioning a poster's reasons for a reviw - in other words, is it a shill or not.... For reference, read my post in Saraphina Bardeaux review thread or zelda's review of sweetpamela. Personally, I feel that the self-promotion by SPs has been a recurrent problem on the board, altho not quite to the extent lately as it has in the past. Heck, I've even been called a shill some time ago when I posted about Playful_Vanessa of Victoria (altho when I re-read it, I can see why).

Whaddya say, mod?:confused:


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Jun 6, 2002
Vancouver Island
FAQs, even common sense :)


or a guide as follows from TRB

All reviews are appreciated, but reviews containing the following information are even more appreciated!

Review Do and Don`ts:

Don`t say "I saw ""x"" and it was great, email me for details". The value in this board is in the reviews. Save the email for more explicit reviews. Basic info is fine.

Do give a description of the lady.
Do mention her website, and/or contact info.
Do mention her rates.
Do mention if the pictures match the real thing.
Do mention if you would see her again. (or if not, why?)
Do mention if she has any rules.
Do leave your email address, in case others would like to follow up with specific questions.
Just a few things that make for better reviews!

as for board guidlines ... these work for me too:

The rules are simple:

Be Excellent To Each Other
This means no flames, personal attacks, name calling, or just plain being a general nuisance.

Think Before You Speak
Any Posts which create a liability for the board may also be removed.

Mod Is God
The moderator acts at the direction of the board, but has discretional authority to remove any post at will.


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May 30, 2002
Thanks for the feedback folks.

LDL: While I agree that my comment about Saraphina's pics was more harsh than needed to be, it did relate to the poster's review as he (or was it the second poster - it's late and been a long day) posted a link to the pics.

I apologized when proved wrong, and Saraphina, despite my overly unkind words about her, directed me here from the Van Review section where I originally posted this. Heck, if she gets a few more positive posts, I'd even go see her, if only to apologize once again in person...

maude: all helpful links, but other than ending up slamming Saraphina when my intent was to question OTR2's post credibility, I think I pretty much followed the basic rules, and I have absolutely no problem with "Mod is God". Since they have clamped down, the quality of posts on this board and the general civility of posters towards one another is much improved from about 6 months ago.
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