Honey Harlotte

Guess Who? January 18 to January 21 in Vancouver - Make me your New Years resolution

May 4, 2015
Somewhere in Canada


Vancouver Jan 18th (evening of Thursday) to Jan 21h (afternoon of Sunday!!)

Hello!!! so it is 2018, I am excited about new things this year!!!

I am a working graduate from a health / medical field.
Openminded to personal & mutual explorations & experimentations by meeting like minded people
I'm part time - strictly when I have time off work to travel to Vancouver.

Check out a few reviews under Sophie or shorttermvisitor on perb by searching those keywords, one review of me is here.

I will be flying to Vancouver, late day and I can take appointments from that time.
When I am available, I will be booking an average of 1 or 2 sessions a day, the exception being time limitations or overnight requests, where I may book that extra session, so book me early on please.

I currently have time for (2 hour sessions - $750 / 4 hour sessions $1500) available on these dates.

I can also generally do overnights ($2000+ overnight Wednesday or Thursday this visit) if I am available . Ask me about this if interested, your hotel or my place!

I can come to you in a downtown hotel, but I can host while in Vancouver. I don't usually meet very many, a few great, rewarding experiences will be amazing! I'd prefer to only have a few meetings upon each visit to keep this exciting, enjoyable and relaxing.

Because it would be too hard for me to schedule and manage multiple meets in a day and other factors with traveling, planning and transportation challenges, I would like to not do any single hour meetings. I also like to spend more time and get to know you if I have not met you before, or if I have, we will have more time to enjoy each other's company. Most experiences I have had have been positive, and I have enjoyed the conversations, laughter, just as well as the more intimate parts. I love a light hearted sense of humour, and to laugh!

Please note available times change quickly sometimes so if you request a time be sure to to finalize when we start discussing the time and date, my visits are always too short and I have to plan things as hours go by, please email me ([email protected]) and let me know what times and days can work for you :)

[email protected] <- to reach me to schedule a time ahead, as soon as today

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