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Good CIMWS providers?

Dec 10, 2013
Ever since I've experienced CIMWS, I've been hoping to do it again, but with a provider that's more to my liking.

Let's be honest here, I want to see a hot and good looking girl going down on me like she wants it bad, and then she swallows every drop dry like it's the best drink in the world. I mean, come on, this is like a staple in most guy's fantasy.

I don't know if it's asking too much, but I would prefer a provider that's under 30. Ethnicity isn't a big issue, but I do like Asians a bit more (since I'm one), and then comes Caucasian. As for other ethnicities, I've never tried others before, but who knows? Maybe I'll try it once and enjoy it forevermore.

I guess the search is on.


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May 17, 2004
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When it cums to CIMWS, I find it is very much YMMV. I read reviews of a girl that only did covered bjs at Carmen Fox who not only gave me bbbj without any prompting from me, but also did cimws, again without prompting or expectations of a tip (don't pm me for her name, she no longer works for CF and may in fact be retired). I don't know why I was so lucky - can only assume she felt comfortable with me in regards to providing such a service. Again, very much YMMV.

Another example - in one of my recent reviews, I mentioned that Jessie 2770 provided me with cimws. Again, I would not presume that this is a service she provides all of her clients. I would assume that you would need to at the very least look healthy for her to provide such a service. Also, some girls start out providing such a service and then decide they no longer wish to do so.

One lady that is well known for providing a great BBBJ CIMWS service is Reise Roberts (5814 on ERSlist). At a very reasonable price I might add as well. And she gives the best Russian I have ever received - it was like fucking the tightest pussie this side of heaven :) She has updated some of her pics. Those pics that show her at her heaviest are the most recent.



Apr 29, 2014
I have to agree Tina 2407 will get every last drop!


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Aug 6, 2012
I don't know if it's asking too much, but I would prefer a provider that's under 30.
I guess the search is on.
tthats where it gets tough ........those younger gals havent learned to appreciate and savour a good protein shake ;)
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