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Oct 27, 2002
So I recently had the opportunity to see Fonzie for an outcall, and wanted to share some details about the outstanding experience I had with her.

When I saw her ad, I wanted to inquire about exploring some new fantasies & kinks, activities I'd never done before. I emailed her a few days prior and gave some broad brush strokes in regards to what I was looking for. I was extremely impressed during these interactions, by in large all I did was give a few rough details about my experience level (or lack thereof) and what I was curious in exploring and she took it from there. I'd characterize these interactions as professional, empathetic, and very warm.

We had a little trouble in getting our schedules aligned, but finally settled on a specific day & time. When she arrived I was greeted by a hot young woman dressed in black. Has this great sorta alternative look to her that's incredibly sexy. Her pictures on her Leolist ad are very accurate, yet honestly, do not do her justice.

We exchanged pleasantries, and then spent the next hour together in absolute bliss. Again, I gave her very little specifics on what it was I wanted, and during the session largely followed her lead. Yet she absolutely knew exactly what to do, what to say, and how to make me feel comfortable. Throughout the time together I felt like I was in the best of hands.

Unfortunately in this industry it's not uncommon to run into SP's who seem mechanical, or like they're just going through the motions, etc. Fonzie is the complete opposite of that. She's incredibly skilled, creative, and genuinely engaged in trying to make the experience with her as memorable as possible. I went into the session not quite knowing how it would go, or what to expect and it absolutely exceeded anything I could have imagined. She went above and beyond in initiating fun, new activities, and made me feel like everything we did was mutually enjoyable.

At the end of the hour I was absolutely drained and completely satisfied. We've already had some brief conversations about when I will see her again, and I cannot wait.

She's an absolute gem, and a welcome addition to the Victoria scene. Treat her well, and she'll treat you better.
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