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Nov 1, 2017
Just before Christmas I had a visit with Fayna that left me humming with x-rated thoughts and random hard-ons throughout the holiday season. With these ecstatic thoughts guiding my impulses I booked another session with her last week, and my my, I've got plenty more x-rated thoughts and bulges in my pants when I think about the last session. She's a lot prettier and attractive than her photos lead you to believe. As others on here have mentioned she's a smart cat with intelligence in her eyes (Wren may end up my Lawyer in a few years, Fayna will be my psychiatrist). Her skills in the back room are worthy of praise, and in many ways the highlight of the visit, she really enjoys the experience and is looking to please. For someone who is such a lady in appearance she definitely has a dirty girl side to her once the clothes are off. Her looks, attitude and fun factor are all solid A's; a definite repeat, though next time I'll have to book a longer session, 30 minutes wasn't nearly long enough…. Mr. Snowplow!!! pondered if she was the greatest of all time- after two sessions with her I'd have to agree, she just might be. Conversation after the fun was easy, though short as we had a lot of fun, lol…she's got a good head on her shoulders and is someone I'd enjoy spending time with in everyday life. Enjoy, she's a lot of fun, as usual YMMV.
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