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Emmy St. Claire


Jan 6, 2007
I FINALLY had a chance to see Emmy a couple weeks back. I've been wanted to see her for as long as I can remember but with no plans on heading to the island, it wasn't going to happen. Luckily for me, I needed to make a trip out there for work. It was a bit last minute but I sent out an email and kept my fingers crossd since I noticed she hadn't advertised in a while. I guess it was my lucky day cuz I eventually got a response. Communication was easy and we were all set to go.

Based on reviews, my expectations heading in were REALLY high. Maybe too high. But I couldn't help it. For some reason i had a really hard time calming my nerves heading over to her place. Anyway, I got there and when she opened the door my jaw dropped. Personally, I think she's one of the prettiest SPs I've ever met. EASILY top 5. Bodywise, I love thin chicks so for me her body was perfect although I know her body type might not be for everyone. My nervousness spiked to an all-time high to the point that my mouth become instantly dry. So lame!

On to the service. This lady takes her time and provides a FULL length experience. It's awesome to have an SP try to make the session last the entire time as opposed to getting the deed over with as fast as possible. I'm not a fan fo doing a play by play. Her services are very well documented and everything stated on her menu is available. She seems to have a bit of a wild side to her which I plan on exploring a bit more the next time I get a chance to see her. In the end, we went a bit overtime chatting, I felt bad because I gave her aa small tip upfront with the donation but I didn't have anything else on me to give her. I'll have to make it up next time.

Recommend? HELL YEAH.

L - 9.5
A - 10
S - 9
Ashley Madison