Ellie @ SVIPs


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Dec 4, 2014
The Island
Gotta admit that she’s never really caught my eye when scrolling through the SVIP website.
But anyways, I happened to be available, she happened to available, and she was offering what I was looking for in her PSE experience.

Gotta say I am pretty disappointed, guys .

Disappointed that you’ve all kept this sweet gal a secret !!

Only found 1 mention of her in passing, but nothing else. Surprising, as she’s delightful.

Have a look at her profile on the website. Describes her absolutely perfectly. so I won’t even try ...I will only add that I found her to be much more attractive than what the photos alluded too ..

As an aside - have not been to VIPs in ages - but man does the place look great !

Fire And Ice

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Oct 16, 2017
I think she's pretty new to the roster at SVIP, might explain the lack of feedback. I'm glad to hear you had an enjoyable time!