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Elite GFE Service Provider: Sophia (Independent)


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Nov 1, 2015
It is my absolute pleasure to recommend this exceptional service provider to all of you on Perb. (newbies and veterans alike)
You can find Sophia on Backpage, 3557, and she prefers text which is fast and convenient.

Everything outlined below is of course from my pov & experience(s) but, I felt a lengthy review was needed.

Sophia brings a unique blend of attributes to every session. Over the years I've witnessed her show tremendous class, sophistication, wittiness and most important of all comPASSION.
She not only holds intriguing conversations really well but, she will challenge you to keep up with her positive approach on life and her appetite for intimacy.

The reason this post is titled "Elite" is because I consider her to be one of these rare providers that just GETS IT. Those of you who have been in this industry for a while will know what I mean.
She tunes in to your wants & desires, as if adjusting the radio ever so slightly. She will carefully inquire, let her body and soul do alot of the communicating and put you at ease (almost instantly!).

Alot of the reviews here have numeric ratings (attitude, body, face etc). I am not a fan of this because we are not talking about rating livestock at a local farmer fair.
SPs deserve respect and validation, which is what we clients crave as well. Show that respect and you'll be astonished at what you get back.

So rather than assigning Sophia some numbers or buzzwords like 'spinner' etc, I'll share this with you:

Sophia has an amazing touch, her skin is soft and caressing her is a genuine delight. She will welcome you at her discrete incall, politely walk you to the bedroom (plenty of time for shower and chit-chat). There will always be music playing in the other room (less distracting than agency radios blaring in your ear). The bedroom will be equipped with plentiful pillows, blankets..dimmed lighting and a romantic ambience. She will have two tall glasses of fresh water and small plate of 'accessories' already prepared. The stage will be set and it will reduce your tension.

If you spend time with her, you will likely learn quickly that the effort, generosity and kindness you put in, you'll get back 10-fold. She will spoil you like a king and you will feel like you've just escaped from any and EVERY stress or negative emotion outside of her domain.
For those of you who get what I'm saying, it's like a cocoon of sexual healing!

She is committed to making you number 1. She has lots of high (mesmerizing) energy but will match your pace. I was literally so spellbound after a lengthier session that I needed some time to refocus on what I was actually supposed to be doing in the real world!
Sophia is not a clock watcher and devotes herself to making you feel like you just got a major life upgrade. Walking back to the car, I had a joker-like grin on my face because I felt like I had just traveled the world with this beautiful woman!

If anyone has ever experienced something similar to this, in this industry, please do share!
I've been at this for a while now, bp...agencies...indies..., it's sometimes like treading thru a chaotic desert, with no compass and a dying thirst for something new.

Sophia represents an angelic oasis. Simply incredible.


Oct 27, 2013
Nice review,Sophia is one of the best in town right now for sure.I did a review of her a few months ago and it got lost in the crash.She is very beautiful and has a great body but what sets her apart is her maturity and professionalism.Hard to believe she is only 21.I think i am long overdue for a visit.


May 22, 2016
Victoria BC
I would have to whole heartily agree on all of the above! Sophia is a gem and at the top of my list for best experience ever! She made me feel spectacular and has a unique ability to connect with you, one rarely found in anybody her age. I hate to extol too much, as it will be hard to rebook with her.


Jun 13, 2016
I too agree with all the above comments. I posted a review of Sophia a short time ago and just saw her again last week. She is stunning, beautiful, and quite honestly the best GFE right now. I wish I could see her every week! She makes you feel very special when you are with her, and she is extremely talented.
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