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Electra - the final farewell


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Oct 27, 2002
So with the impending retirement from the Victoria scene of Electra (aka BC_BABE), I knew I had to make sure I got in one last visit with her before she was gone. Today I managed to make that happen.

There are some ladies who have come and gone from the Victoria scene who's names are held in the highest esteem as ATF's among us PERBerts, and I hold Electra in that company. I didn't have the opportunity to see her as much as I would've liked (why did it take me so long to see her for the 1st time?), but every moment I spent with her I hold up among the best moments I've experienced in this "hobby".

There's a number of girls I've seen over the years that I'd hold up as ATF's, but in all of those cases they're either A) still active or B) disappeared from the scene before I had the chance to get in a final visit. I gotta say, it's kinda strange seeing an ATF for what you think is the last time. On the one hand you're more aware and appreciative of how lucky you are to be in the company of such a lovely woman, but at the same time there's that realization of finality about it all. Incredibly bittersweet.

There's really very little I can say about my last session with Electra that hasn't already been said before, but as always she went above and beyond the call of duty in making this guy feel like a million bucks. She's truly one of the best to have graced the Victoria scene, and when she leaves in a week or so, there is no question that there are a number of us who will miss seeing her. If you have never had the opportunity you really should take advantage of the chance before she is gone.

Cheers to an amazing woman, I hope all of us on here who have seen her join me in wishing her all the best in whatever and wherever she ends up.