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Feb 8, 2019
I saw Dawn at sweet VIPs twice this week and had such a great time each time I can't stop thinking about her. She is a very pretty women. Drop dead gorgeous blonde with a wonderful friendly personality. What's more is she is so eager to please!!! Wow she indulged my every whim better than an Orion slave girl! (For all u star trek fans). Her easy going personality and agreeable manner made me feel very comfortable with her right away. And what a sexual dynamo! OMG can she do amazing things with her mouth! And she has one of the sweetest lil bums ever ! The two hours I booked with her flew by and I saw her again for another 2 hours and it flew by too. A beautiful memorable incredibly sexy woman that I just can't get enough of.
The pillow talk was nice too she is smart and well educated ... A very pleasant surprise...
This woman is the full package and I will see her again soon! Lets give Dawn an A+
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Feb 16, 2004
I too am a Dawn fan. She has the ability to adapt to whatever type of experience you are looking for and does it in a very welcoming manner.