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Danica - TOFTT - Awesome!


Oct 3, 2002
Saw this new ad from a Danica a couple weeks back:

The pics aren't least most of them and I had pointed them out to her and she admitted they weren't her but they were very similar. She also explained her reasoning which was that she can't post her real pics for discretion which I could completely understand. What encouraged me to see her was that she was at an upscale hotel in DT Victoria. And by upscale, I mean you have to walk through a lobby with actual front staff...

When I arrived I was very pleasantly surprised! She looked amazing, smelled amazing (I don't believe she's a smoker, but if she is, I had no hint of it). We talked for a bit before we started and she's just a fun down to earth person. She can hold a conversation and intelligent. Once the action started, it was amazing. She's a very passionate DFKer and we did that for what seemed like ages. I was throbbing and she was rubbing my cock through my pants and I was busy trying to get her bra off. Once I got her bra off, I couldn't stop kissing, sucking and squeezing them. They were amazing. I reached my hand down to her kitty and it was drenching wet. I fingered her for a bit while I kissed her and after some amount of time, she flipped me over and started with a most excellent bbbj. (the bbbj is discretionary for her; you will have to be clean). It was amazing. She's very good at it. I could have just laid there for the entire time and have her make love to my cock with her mouth but I also wanted to feel that wet pussy around my cock. She put on a cover and she rode me for awhile and flipped over to missionary. I drove as deep as I could and she was moaning and really getting into it. At least I hope she was! We continued kissing while I was thrusting in her. I was getting close and asked if facials were permitted but alas they are not without an extra donation and I didn't have any extra on me. We settled on having me tit fuck her until I came and I got release all over her beautiful breasts. We cuddled and talked for a the remainder of the time until the timer went off. Money well spent in my books.

a buck fifty for 30 mins.

I think she'll be around for a couple more weeks before she leaves...I hesitated on writing this review because I want her all for myself but I also can't afford to go see her every night. Treat her well fellas!
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