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May 11, 2002
Vancouver Island
Last week, I some time to kill in between events and decided to arrange for some distraction. I knew that VIP's location was right downtown and as I have never been there before, decided to find out exactly where. I called earlier in the day and, on the receptionist's recommendation, made arrangemnts to meet with Blair later in the afternoon.

There has been some debate on the location, but I had no issues with it. When I rang the buzzer, I was let in immediately. Most of us are pretty anonymous on a busy street, so as long as the establishment doesn't end up on a local newscast on a slow news day, I don't forsee any issues with it for me.

Once inside, I layed eyes on Blair. Wow, she was wearing the pink and black outfit as seen on her pictures and I felt a little tongue tied, like when you are introduced to a girl that you know is completely out of your league. (Fortunately I can buy myself into this league :eyebrows: ) Blair is not only visually striking, she has a demeanor and grace about her which is hard to describe. When we got to the room, I took care of business without availing myself of any extras on this occasion. I undressed but had to wait a few minutes for the shower to come available. These few minutes turned into a makeout session which only heightened my anticipation of the treat to come.

After availing myself of the shower (which was not included in the hour), I proceeded to unwrap the package, fun was had by all. Blair smells and tastes wonderfull, kisses devinely and really goes out of here way to please. We spent a lot of time figuring out each others sweet spots, although I am a rediculously easy puzzle in that regard. A session in the gymn ealier in the day took a little more out of me than I realized, so Blair had here work cut out for her during a long and very enjoyable CBJ. aShe was not at all hesitant to provide a little extra needed stimulation to prime the pump. The main even followed, doggy style. This ws not an easy decision because I wwanted to look in those beautiful eyes while driving, however, Blair has a spectacular ass, all the right movements and noises to make this a sublime experience. My only regret was my inability to muster round two to experience the other option. But we passed the rest of the hour with a back rub, talking and a lot of making out.

I took another quick shower on leaving. I must compliment VIPs on having real towels vice the the cheap motel specials which is often the case. Would I repeat, yep, just as soon I have some time to kill in town again.