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BELLA (CCE) is #1 w/the ‘Plow


Dec 8, 2005
BELLA of Class Choice Escorts:

My first visit with Bella in December was her first encounter ever as a provider. As you might imagine, the opportunity afforded me to take Bella’s “virginity” was truly memorable. She was so good in fact, I greedily decided not to share my thoughts of our time together with you PERBerts.

Fast forward a month: I’ve seen some phenomenal providers of late, so I decided a second visit with Bella was required to firmly determine her place among my favorites.

Bella absolutely blew my mind the second time around. This has firmly entrenched her as my #1 provider.

-How to describe Bella from Class Choice?..... hmmm, ah yes! Think Alberto Vargas pinup girl:
-So much more than just a “Girl Next Door” Bella is that smoking hot co-worker from the office, mixed with the classic beauty of that bygone era.

-Bella is professional yet laid back
-her demeanor is such that you could totally picture her as an Executive Assistant, sitting next to you in the boardroom taking notes (dressed in a tightly fitted pencil skirt)
-she’s eager to please without being overbearing
-it just... feels right when I’m with her.
-you get the impression she actually wants to be there

-Upon “engaging” you, Bella radiates a “reality distortion field” that makes you truly believe she’s your loving girlfriend. I’d recon this distinct impression is a result of the enjoyment you’ll feel her extract from your time together. I feel reasonably confident that you’ll have a similar experience, she just seems to love plying the carnal arts.
-I found her menu to be quite accommodating. I was left wanting for nothing. This being said, she is still relatively new to the business. The services she offers will likely be very much YMMV.

-You do not want to miss out on this one boys. I honestly would not be surprised if some PERBert came along and “made an honest woman of her” (excuse the antiquated phrase).
-Patronize her now and pay tribute* to me later... you will not be disappointed (trust me).

......That name again is Mr. Plow

*I drink Stella Artois & those cool “draft cans” of Guinness


Dec 8, 2005
Another quality session today with my favorite “Vargas girl”. Bella just brings it every time. Nothing but “A” Game from this stellar young lady.

My handle: “Snowplow” suits me because I am slow, steady & get the job done. There is one exception to that rule....when I am with Bella, a more apt nickname for me should be Speedy Gonzales (“ándale, ándale, Ariba!). She truly is my own little “Twin Screw Supercharger” (pardon the pun, lol).



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Apr 3, 2008
There is a new sp at gentlemen's choice by the name of Emma. The stat and pics look pretty similar to Bella. Maybe you can check with them.


New member
Jan 19, 2018
Sweet sweet Bella is retired for now. Sorry boys. And someone stole the name so if Bella comes back she will update you with the new name.



Dec 31, 2016
Sweet sweet Bella is retired for now. Sorry boys. And someone stole the name so if Bella comes back she will update you with the new name.

If you're thinking of Bella at SU, she didn't "steal" anything. She has been using that name for over a year, whereas the Bella at CCE only started in December. Think a little and do research before using such words.
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