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Beliefs ..faith .....and the whole dam thing!!!


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May 4, 2013
This is going to be a touchy subject.. for me and I am questioning the belief system of the rest of you too..
What do we believe and what gives us faith? Why?
Yes the proverbial question.."why?"

We all have a belief in something ..In a god..a force ..an object.and even saying there is no God. Is as strong a belief as any of the religions..and people get just as fanatic about that they are right.
I not going to debit what is the one true thing to believe in.. Some think it is as simple as love or peace..others. have strong beliefs that you have to practice and believe in a whole ritual to be part of the true belief in the true god..
Problem is there are Hundreds of different religions that insist that their follower do the same.. and there are 7 billion version of how it should done the right way.. and what is the right way to think and believe.

An other question arises from that multi cultural mutable belief and faith civilization. .What set the morel for a global society.
When different beliefs.. offer up differing laws and remedies to follow ..and there are significant different between what each accepts as the remedy and just punishment. How do individual countries maintain laws and principals when they are a multi cultural society. With mutable belief system..

For example Canada..has laws..based on our Christian judaio religion that was the dominant belief and faith of the people that formed the.country.. And that is the case for most of North and south America's. And also Europe
These law that we have .are based on the holy scriptures of the Christian believers.The Bible.
The words are set in our laws and judgements.. and God is deemed to be the authority under which judgement is cared out. .and a countable to.

What if a person does not believe in the Christians God...or does not believe there is a God
That they are accountable to.. Their belief.. faith or moral base do not adhere to these principal .
We may impose our rule of law and judgements on them .But they denie their authority over there action...Our law prevails but but only by our false sense of that we are right. Everyone else's cultural beliefs are wrong and immoral

When in a court of law . People swear on a bible.. but it they do not believe .In the god and the power of the book.. where is the authority to produce the true and to render justice on that person..other then we claim it by the truth and righteousness of our belief. That holds know power over those of other likewise strong beliefs.

So if one idea of God is denied.. then all ideas of God can be denied.. and although different cultures and countries have a blue that offers faith for them .It does nothing for others.. and that that is generally not acceptable by those in authority or the people that have faith in those beliefs.

Our belief system is the main cause of strife and decent among people and countries. ..and yet who can say any are true or not true.. based on what? The nature of their own arbitrary beliefs and faiths in them Of course it even worse with those that he no belief as per say other then one of no God exists and I only have answer to my own morel code.. or the one I choose to accept . Fear might play a part in one accepting the religious bases laws of the laws of the land.. or just indoctrination by living in the singular society..With out ever being exposed to other ideas..

Through out each of our life's . It is always about belief and faith in ideas and principals with we accept..and how we apply them or how social applies them to our morel beliefs..

That brings us to some out present morel.. or points of what is just and why many of us believe one way or the other on the prostitution issue. . How objective are any of the side in this debate .how truthful are their arguments .on any side..When it is a belief that governs our thoughts and justifies our actions..When either side does not believe in the other God's. .or that they are moral l people. . Where will justice be found in the laws enacted. And what authority will they have over those that believe differently and believe they are with in what they believe is morally their rights. And have faith that justice will rule in their favor even those justice is tied to a belief they don't share

Of course there is hope.. because in our diverse culture there has been changes made to integrate some other ideas.. of equality and acceptance ..which have changed how justice is decided and implemented ..

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Alix Turner

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Apr 27, 2011
1. There is universal, objective truth. 1 + 1 = 2
2. Not all faiths or cultures were created equal.
3. Prostitution is a product of surplus dick v willing vaginas IE "market forces"
4. Conservatives want to focus on the demand side , convinced still that access to a woman's birth canal should not be purchased like a ticket to cirque de Solei in vegas, but should be coaxed, begged, pleaded and indirectly purchased through lavish blue ball inducing wining and dining.
5. Life in general, sucks. Oh to have been born a pond Lilly!

how did you have the patience to read that entire rant with enough left over to respond to each point in an orderly list?

and are there more like you where you come from?


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May 4, 2013
Well thanks for reading .. I did make a number of generalization. . And actually did not want make it a out one religion over another.
I ACTUALLY do not accept Christianity as the" truth. " so don't assume I am placing it as the only example..
All so I did leave out. That I am a wear the some people are allowed to affirm to tell the truth rather then swear on the bible.
Most none Christian have that option.. .but it shows that some of the fundamental principals that our justice system is based on..are all ready questioned by those individual.
When I see a bible thumping fundamentalist Christian pull the " I affirm " card.. I question their respect for the judicial system and that they think it has no athority over them. ..Which is exactly what I am pointing out..

Some courts swear on the Koran ..others on the thora .and some on the constitution of the country.

Religious beliefs or practices do not allway dictate what a person's personal views or acceptance is
The religious people I know would not and do not understand or accept aspects of prostitution that I am awear of or think to be true . .Mainly from my personal experience. .or because I justify my action and acceptance by my needs.. Something which has a big influence on what a person will say they believe and what they actually show In Their actions.. For most our action serve something we need and we do them for self preservation ..of what ever we are trying to protect. Whether it be our persona...charactor. .Influence .. ego .. or our desires to please ours selves or others..
Beliefs are complicated. . ..but what seem true to one person never is exactly the same truth to another because no two life's are lived and experienced the same...So it is impossible to believe the same. Even if there are certain common interests.. teaching ..and indoctrination. . . Of those indoctrination is the most Influential iIn effecting what we are willing to believe... If we are willing to think for our selves then we usually rebel
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Nov 22, 2008
I think religion is simply a creation of man,
trying to explain something or like some believe control you,

I think faith is different, something inside of you,
you have it or don't.
its different then religion religion is false, a lie corrupted.

faith you get it many ways many different things.
its just the belief that your part of something bigger then yourself, something more then what we can touch with our senses.

and you can express your faith or commune with your faith in a lot of different ways from gardening to going to a church, its to me finding your center, stopping all the buzz in the world and being in touch with your soul.


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Oct 27, 2010
I gave this a lot of thought when I was about 13 or 14. The big question I asked was, if god was this omnipotent wise caring being, why would it be so important that we just accept his existence without obvious manifestation? Why would he give us the power of reason, but expect us not to exercise it when it came to accepting his existence (you just have to have "faith"). I thought that was dumb and irrational, and therefore inconsistent with the concept of such a god. And if a "god" did exist, and exhibited such fallible personality traits, then it was no god, just a powerful being.

When you are raised from birth as a Christian (or whatever) you just accept what you are told, and most people never go further than that. I came to the conclusion that there was no evidence that god (or any other supernatural force) existed, and I was not going to believe in it simply because someone else said so. It was all something people long ago invented as a means of explaining what was going on in the world around them, because they knew no better. But now we do, or to some extent anyway, enough to know that there is no supernatural. In essence, "god" is the universe, but it is NOT sentient nor does it have a purpose. If you think about it, people are the universe becoming aware of itself (since we are part of the universe). So if you want to think of the universe as "god", then we are all god since we are the sentient element of the universe. There is nothing else beyond that however.
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