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Belated review of Emmy St. Claire - amazing


Resistance is futile...
Nov 14, 2002
My apologies for the tardiness of this review. My time with Emmy took place early June of 2012.
It's not like there is any dirth of reviews on Emmy but I did want to add my own words of superlatives of a provider that went far beyond my expectations.
I hardly give reviews any more as I guess I have become as jaded as some of the providers I have seen in the past. Only to come out of the woodwork for extraordinary sessions.

To me chemistry is an intangible ever hoped for but seldom experienced anymore.
Such brewings of perfect timing, personality, attitude, physical attractiveness, sensuality, heart, compassion, intelligence and performance are but the base ingredients I look for in my encounters.
More often than not one or more elements are misssing, like a meal that looks good but is somehow less than satisfying.

Obviously my tastes in what works for me isn't everyones cup of tea. So a modicum of discernment should applied to the following rant of awe. BTW I am one of the 'older' gentleman granted an audience.

Emmy/Emanualle St. Claire
I was in Victoria and the islands as part of a grand road trip I was on and had taken some time to review some of the local talent before making some choices. It had been over a year since my last visit and none of the ones I had previously seen were still available. Suffice it to say my first couple of selections were disappointing either in service or looks. There is a very real dearth of quality talent that meets my admittedly finicky standards.

Emmanuelle is one of those rare gems that is completely worth the time and effort to make an appt with, as she is usually booked several days if not weeks ahead.
There are not enough superlatives to describe her elegance, sensuality and depth of authenticity in our time together.
These are the things I wanted to know but could find nothing about before I went in, but I trusted for the rate she was asking it would be good.
DFK/DATY/DATO(very ticklish)/ modelling, slow sensual strip, confidence, compassion, intelligence are but a few of her talents available during the session.

I can honestly say it has been a long time since I have experienced a provider that went above and beyond my expectations and blew me away with her service.

Thankyou for your offerings Emmy.


Jun 23, 2003
The unexpected benefit of meeting Emmy has been the memory that is burned into my brain of one of the best sessions I have ever experienced.


Victoria, B.C.
Aug 1, 2008
Oh wow, thanks for the accolade guys! Please enjoy this .gif I made for you of those so-called "sultry lips"
(Sorry for the quality, I took it on my cell phone :p)