Ariel .. # 1996 visiting indy and now i know Visiting at agency


Nov 21, 2018
Well i made an app with this gorgeous young lady that i had no choice but to cancel....thankfully it was with plenty of notice. I hate having to cancel, hate when it happens to me, and add in the fact it is difficult for me to make oppertunities to visit.
A week plus later i was able to get an appointment created.
Communication was ok at start then spurratic from there on with none within the usual 1/2 - 1 hr prior. Headed into town 1/2 hr before app due to commute, never heard from her til after the app was to begin. Phone issues i heard....almost headed to another provider but she text just when i was about to book. Got to location of the incall, i was under the impressiopn i booked indy....location was agency in the mayfair area.....ok i was heading to see this lady that her pics really have me wanting to see her!
Service was great, she does enjoy herself.....and like my dad always said, find a job u love doing and you'll never work a day in your life?
Disappointment started at least 15 min late, when i got back to my truck and went to drive away the time was still a few minutes to our origonal app beginning.....and this is why i prefer to stick with indy providers that are reputable. But i have to say the time i spent with her was very enjoyable. Enough that i would repeat, but only in an independant situation
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