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Apple (Cousin of Russian Abby) LL 2058....... Milftastic!


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Aug 2, 2014
In Pussyland
I saw Russian Abby several times when she last came over from Mother Russia, and became one of her legion of fans. Well, She has sent out Apple, her ostensible cousin, a woman of roughly the same age and build. Apple is a voluptuous blonde, with large firm breasts, a curvy fit figure, medium length blonde hair and a pretty face that reminded me a little bit of a mature Bridget Bardot. I liked Abby because she was great looking, basically had all my particular faves covered, and was such good VFM that I could not afford to go elsewhere. Well Apple is pretty much the same with the added attraction of being new to the business. I found her to be upbeat, conversational, and eager to learn new things. She has a pretty good bbbj and responds quite well to daty. In fact you have to really hang on as she can get quite squirmy when she gets fired up, LOL. My only wish is that she could be as passionate in the kissing department as Abby, but maybe that improves with time.

Everything came down as good as can be for this guy. It has been a month or so since I last dabbled, as my performance was definitely not up to par on my last trip to bat, so a look a bit of a hiatus and did other things for awhile. Apple got me off the pot and she made me feel like my old self again. I mean what more can you ask for.

So to summarize, Apple is in her early 40’s, absolutely fluent in English. She has a great mature body, is responsive and took all I could muster with enthusiasm :love:. She is fun to have a conversation with, we could have talked for hours, and won’t be here for much longer.

Apple will be leaving on Friday. So don’t back burner this girl, get in your licks while you can. :p

She has a very high recommendation from me, I wish I had pulled the pin earlier, so I could have seen her more times. As it is I will try to get in another before she leaves.

And that is the way I pooned it on this Sunday afternoon, YMMV

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