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Aug 24, 2018
There are many on this board who seem to have a fetish for Asian women. But anyone who's been here know that the Asian ads are rarely accurate, lot's of B&S, older mamasans using pics that are 20 years old etc. I took a chance and went to see Annie, https://www.leolist.cc/personals/fe...rl_with_professional_prostate_service-6170629 . For me, it was the promise of a prostate massage, which I enjoy and I know is not for everyone. Get to her hotel and there's some confusion, communication not great but only delayed by 10 minutes or so. Get to her room, hotel near airport and am pleasantly surprised at how young and attractive she is. NOT the girl in the ad but attractive. She has a little pot belly, maybe pregnant, hard for me to tell, I'm not a doctor. Pretty, nice firm breasts with nice nipples.Nice ass. 120 for 30 minutes. Massage, HJ, covered BJ. She didn't approach the prostate until I asked for it and then she only put a little pressure on it, no penetration. Overall, her HJ skill was top notch, almost finished me off. BJ was OK, it never feels great to me when it's covered. But, mission accomplished.

There are some oddities that might throw people off. The phone number that was on the ad when I contacted her has changed. Does this mean she has a handler? Probably. Sha seemed unaware that I had booked with her looking for prostate massage. Does this mean she has a handler? Probably. The ad mentions that FS is available and in her limited english she asked twice if I wanted sex after counting the donation, my guess is that it would be an upsell as all I got was what I mentioned earlier, with the cover on she could have hopped on and gone for a ride but never did.

So, overall, I enjoyed myself. I won't repeat mostly because I rarely repeat with any SP. This post is mostly for the guys out there that are looking for an attractive, young Asian woman. The catch, obviously, is that because they are using fake pics the woman in the room could change at any time, you might not meet the woman I did.

Good luck fellow pooners.
Pink Cherry