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Jul 29, 2016
This is one to avoid.
I saw her when she was last here and during the visit she got physically violent: she hit me about the head while I was on the phone with her handler complaining about how things were going down. Bit too many details to relate here, but anyone who uses violence is WAY over the line. No?
For those who need more to dissuade them...she is not 24 but probably about 48. She has a gut with no ass (ughh! Isn't that the worst combination?). If those photos are her, they are 15 years old. Her tits are fake in an obvious way. Her face was not bad looking for someone her age: that's about the best I can say about her. Oh, and her breath stunk of cigarettes: another thing she lied sbout.
I did post about this at the time, but it was buried in a larger thread. Beware.

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Apr 2, 2005
Apple similarly uses violence and digs her nails into you until you bleed if you spend more than 5 mins screwing her.
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