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Apr 14, 2017

Had the sweet pleasure of seeing Amelia at BOA a few days ago. Didn't find any reviews..so here we are:

The Short:

The photos are real & current. She's intelligent, pretty, petite and so very sensual. Responsive, sexily vocal, great DATY, good CBJ (BBBJ extra, not my thing anyway). Doesn't DFK but lots of LFK. Nothing rushed. Gave me the GFE I was looking for! Repeat? YES



The Long Version:

I hate writing reviews because we are all looking for different things out of these commercial sexcapades and as customers we are all so different. I'm late 50s, more into GFE than PSE. I try to be respectful, clean and generous. Who you are when you knock on that door is probably someone completely different.
On the other hand, I come on this site to find a bit of guidance when I make a choice for which SP to see and I thank you all for your reviews. Entertaining and informative...

For context, what I'm hoping for when I visit an SP these days, is someone who:
- Is literate, punctual, not flaky and honest
- Is a woman that genuinely likes sex
- Is passionate, sensual and who gives me the illusion of itimacy, even in a short 1 hr meeting
- Is clean, (including her incall) and is lower volume
- Attempts to make it a memorable experience for me

Big List...and surprisingly, Amelia checked most of these for me on my first visit. Thanks for reading that shite..here's my longer review;

Texted Amelia from the number in the Leolist ad. Quick response, articulate and to the point, directed me to call Ricki at BOA. 1st time using an agency, no issues confirming date and time.

Went to BOA..ummm, please move location..lol. Suite 3, no problems there, easy access, good shower, firm enough bed.

I was nervous, the neighbourhood and it had been a while. Amelia came in from the bathroom, looking awesome. She put me at ease and was a joy to converse with. Removed eath others clothes with lots of LFK. (I have never repeated with an SP without great DFK..but for some reason and her sweet light kisses, I will).

I love DATY and she seemed to also. I am not into the whole "menu thing", but she was responsive in every position I asked for and more. Lots of mutual touch & cuddling after. More talk and a fun shower together at the end.

I was looking for a GF experience and found one here. Great sex and she made me feel like I had her full attention. Can't wait to repeat!!
Jan 9, 2018
Aw wow......Great review jamesdean,thank you for your elaborated effort.
Love reading literate,educative,detailed and eloquent reviews like yours which are very rare on here lately.
Well done.Merry Christmas.
Pink Cherry