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Alexis- 2487


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Nov 28, 2023
Companion's name: Alexis

Date of Visit: Dec 1

Preferred Method of Contact: Text

Phone Number: 2487

Website, Ad, or Profile URL:

City: Winnipeg

Location: Osborne Area

Was the Appointment On-Time? 20 min late

Activities: FS, CBJ

Scheduled Length of Visit: half hour

Donation: 160hh

Approximate age of Companion: 20ish

Hair Color and Length: black/dark brown

Smoking Status: don’t think so

Ethnic/Racial background: Asian-ish

Companion Description: Cute

Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?? Somewhat

Would You Recommend this Companion?? No really

The rest of the story:

The other day I saw the review of her. So I’ve decided to give a shot. She was pretty cute, small tits nice firm ass. After I got there first thing is she put a condom on me cbj not much communication, wanna to eat and touch her pussy but she refused. Is kinda sad lol. And then we just move to sex after a min or so her start asking you cum yet. I was like no and after 10 sec or so she asked again. I was getting annoyed and she asked again after a little. So I just fuck her fast and hard and get the fuck out there lol.
I wasn’t a nice experience. But the way she looks at me when I’m fucking her just kills me, it was like daddy don’t punish me lol. Overall she’s cute but won’t repeat.
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