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    Your new girlfriend is very excited to have you at her mercy! Make sure your ready for her she can be a huge tease!

    Kisses Melina*
    Up in the air at this time. Current tasking will be over November this year. She has first crack at a another tasking same field for an additional year after that, so if it pays off I might just head over for that time frame. With all the crap going on everywhere the oilfields seem to be taking off and they seem to be looking for a lot of drivers in all kinds of areas.
    I noticed that today, March 6, 2011, is your 99th birthday, edmontonsubbie! :)

    What is your secret??

    To celebrate your 99th, I've bought you 99 luft balons. Enjoy them! :)

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9whehyybLqU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    hey buddy, doing good thanks. It's bizarre down in Edmonton, I should have skied to the Merl meeting on Saturday. Up here though, not so much. It's even kinda warm......hahahahahahah
    Hi eddie, hope all is well. G. tells me you're crap loads of snow and it's cold out Alberta way. Keep warm.
    I'm only a bit down for this brief moment. Although, this moment may become ridiculously long. Such is life in the moment.
    BLACK shoes with BROWN stitching and BROWN tassels? I don't think so. Try a pair of brown loafers or brown nubuck plain-toe Oxfords.
    lol!!!!!! Thanks spermie....if only I had the matching shoes. I'm thinking black with brown stitching and brown tassle. Too gauche?
    Happy Festivus, edmontonsubbie!

    Just let me know the time and flight and I'll come out to get you. Probably MF will want to be there too.

    See you're on as it were. So hello and looking forward to seeing you out here.Sent MF a picture after she said she wanted to dress me up. Interesting reaction.
    hey buddy....done, of course. It looks as though I will have ample opportunity to provide said "heads up" as I've taken a fly-in, fly-out job...and one of the planes departs for Vangroovie at the same time as the Edmonton one. In any event, it was fun to meet you, I had a good time.
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