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Thread: Warmest/sweetest GFE provider you've experienced?

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    Eve from Riza should be here as well

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    Clementine Smithereens 0927! Sweet cuddles and warm kisses AND super passionate sex? Yes please!

    She is not a BBW like you said you prefer, but she's not a spinner either. Nice and cuddly and huggable!

    She makes me feel very well cared for whenever I have the pleasure of visiting her.
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    Looks interesting FFF do you have any more details?
    She looks a little bit worn for 27, maybe more like 35...not really seeing firmness and smooth skin when you enlarge the pics. She must be giving something very unique.
    Also 320 minimum hourly us steep IMO, that rate would need to be youthful and Pageant material.
    Just my feeling.

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    Well the question was "Warmest/sweetest GFE provider", and the poster said he prefers curvy, +30 women, so I don't know what "youthful and Pageant material" has to do with it. She might be around 30 though, sure; most SPs shave a few years off in their ads. But I will say that some of her photos really don't do her justice. I think she's quite lovely, and certainly not "worn" by any means.

    As for the cost, I think she's worth the money, but I book more than an hour with her anyway, so it works out to slightly less per hour than $320.00. Guess it depends what you're looking for, though. I find her very attractive, she's great at sex (BJs especially), and she makes me feel comfortable. And I feel like we're actually being intimate, not just fucking. Works for me!

    Also, I guess it depend on what "girlfriend experience" means to you. A lot of the time GFE seems to mean that the SP will give BBBJs, allows DATY, deep kissing, etc. But for me it also means someone I can talk to, someone I find interesting, intelligent, funny, etc. Like someone I might actually want as my girlfriend! Clementine meets those requirements for me; maybe you have different preferences though.
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    Foxforcefive, that’s an objective and fair points. Since you’ve seen her then I’m not going to argue you sound like you had a great time �� You’re right about other attributes which make a difference, GFE imo should make you feel comfortable along with the usual acts. Like they’ve got to feel like a girlfriend and not just a money sucker. Glad things worked and appreciated hearing your experience.

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    If 30++ is ok ,Cherise is the one !

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    Miss Karina, by far.

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    Electra is wholesome and sweet on one side, while exemplifying sexiness. Her wholesome eyes as she eye contacts you while her GGs wrap around your fun stick! Her voice is wholesome, love it. Her sexy girl next door vibe! I never tire! Name another girl who can rock a summer dress like her! #cantdoit

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    +1 for Clementine here. I have posted about her and have become a regular. As I said in my review - she does not suffer fools gladly - but treat her with kindness and respect and it will be reciprocated in spades. She is fit, very attractive and offers a sweet, kind, genuine Gfe.

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