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    Etiqueitte question/disscussion

    You are paying for time, the moment you hand over the envelope your money/their time is gone. Neither of you can get them back. If you see enough ladies you will eventually have this happen. Reviews and research help stack the deck in your favour a bit but sometimes you hit snake eyes. It sucks...
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    Dont see this dude ladies

    Anyone that tells you "he'll make you a star" by reviewing is an asshole and also a liar. Provide great service & be honest and the awesome reviews will just shine through.
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    Review forum

    Not to divert the conversation but kind of looking for a semi official ruling on the Brandon threads. We tend to use it as a combined 411 and review. Now I know that the 411 is labelled Manitoba 411 for a reason but in a low volume area like Brandon it's less confusing to do both in one forum...
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    I don't think it's mixed reviews. The positive reviewer says the negative one is from a "disgruntled customer with bad habits. " Not sure how anyone could say that other than the lady from the review? Seems like she responded herself and post a copy of her ad? Maybe I'm way off base but that's...
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    Kyra Rivers was the first lady I ever saw & I still think about her & her boots from time to time.
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    Hazel Review

    A bit more info would be great (a reasonable donation ranges from 2-$400) A bit on services would be greatly valued by others as well. Happy to see a great lady in town
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    As a guy from a smaller city in Mb honestly you are far better off going to the city. Morden and Winkler are pretty small. Even if you don't have a wife or GF it is impossible to be discreet and co workers friends & neighbors will see you vehicle in the hotel parking lot. Even if you are...
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    Cora - New Number?

    It's either a scam or she's crazy. The top of the ad says she sees women only and the ad is "a bbw that knows how to pleasure a man Come treat yourself"
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    If she wanted to see you she would have an ad or contact ifo for you somewhere. It's that simple. If she's retired knowing when or why she retired doesn't matter. Let these ladies leave this part of their lives in the past if they want step away. Some return and many do not
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    Massage on Stadacona

    Someone has explained where to find the information. Read the thread and ignore all "PM me" replies and you have where to find the information and who to see. Maybe I've become a curmudgeon but these threads drive me nuts.
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    Time to Shutdown (Again)

    It's a scary time and folks are grasping for a sense of control but you are not going to be able to force the morality of not visiting ladies to everyone. While I agree with what you are saying in the end you can only control the things you have control over, wash your hands, put a mask on your...
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    Important thread! Jessica 3215

    Maybe this is all true but I have never heard of anyone showing up for an incall sting and not be arrested. Just showing up was enough for a communication charge.
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    Joy Wynters

    I know you are new, but we try not to say where lady's work. (actually it's not a try thing, it'll get you banned 100% of the time) Be careful!
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    It's a scam. Any lady that needs extra money on top of her outcall rate is going to be a scam. You will send her money for the taxi and she will never show up.
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    The huge knife on the table should ring some alarm bells. The mirror that may have a line of drugs on it may ring some alarms as well. Beyond that I have no insight to offer