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    Sofia Osborne area

    Her ad won't appear unless she's working that day!
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    Damn dude, you are one lucky son of a bitch LOL
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    Milly Rose

    I take it she's a travelling sp, not local, right!
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    TIFFANY - 3235

    Thank you, was tempted on seeing her myself Saturday morning but something seemed off. When I asked her if she had the outfit that she was wearing in her pics, and she gave me a snarky reply back. I figured if she's like that towards potential clients, what is she like in person. Glad my head...
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    Zara Massage from Bridgewater group

    Well I finally had my chance to book an appointment with Zara about a week ago, and let me say this girl is a stunner, like wow! She looks like the girl you want to show off to mom, but secretly the naughty girl you love to take to bed. She had short brunette hair when I met her so no wig this...
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    Any recent info on Brittanya on LL

    Don't see her on ad on LL right now
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    Ally 204-xxx-9817 on LL

    You'll have to let us know, because now I'm curious on what she's like lol
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    Info on Lexi (sexiilexi) - LL 3880

    It's too bad that she has mixed reviews because she has that girl next door kinda vibe going on that you want to hook up with. Sexy body, and wow those eyes!!
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    Debbie in South area ( positive review)

    That's why I have you guys correct my goofs LOL Good thing I didn't go check her out
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    Debbie in South area ( positive review)

    states on her ad that she has 36DD titties, but when looking at her pics looks like a C cup to me. So makes you wonder if it truly is the woman in the pics. Sorry I'm skeptical.
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    Ladies who love dining

    I know Jethro lol. Yeah family matter came up unexpectedly which sucked because I never got to finish with her. I hope to one day if timing works and she has an incall again
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    Fake Ads - Find em & post em here

    Nicole 431 XXX 2277 LL porn actress ameri ichinose
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    Out of luck I guess. Lol

    Funny......I remember saying the same thing LOL :p
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    Zara Massage from Bridgewater group

    She definitely has a fine ass, but I'm curious about her breasts. Big, small, can't tell from the pics? I do like the short blonde hair look though ;)
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