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    Kitty from AF

    She left, she may return. Last time I talked to her she was thinking this fall/winter to get away from the snow hahaha.
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    Orgy @ Riza’s

    I am very much interested in this, I would do 2 to 4hrs
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    Price went up

    In lame terms increase is due to business costs of expenses such as advertising on leo. Which is reasonable. I moved here about 5 yrs ago and rates were relative the same. I was expecting a raise in costs due to leo being so expensesive. Only thing I don't understand in Vancouver area Asian...
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    Looking for recommendations for a bisexual provider for me and my wife

    I was about meantion her and you. I will throw Emele Devine. All three ladies in which my wife would like to see. Starting with Elsi then a coin flip of Emele or yourself Peyton.
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    Have you ever hooked up with anyone famous?

    An ex NHL hockey player wife (they divorced) in I was in Toronto
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    Who likes to be CREEPED OUT!! This is freakin' Awesome. The Sacred Riana

    She was Asia got talent. GO and watch the table act! It is on Yuotube.
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    Lulu 9286

    Just bumping. Still rather curious about her.
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    Lulu 9286

    I am super curious about her. Just wondering if any one saw her. Thanks!