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    Kiko 8865

    Obviously, the pictures are not her but are they somewhat representative of how she looks?
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    Ivy 0044 / 2661

    she looks really good! but the number in the ad above is for 2661, number changed that fast?
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    KAYCEE 3746 was thinking of TOFTT?

    The pictures are of Mackenzie Jones. Lots of leaked onlyfans pics everywhere, just FYI.
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    Any recent reviews for Jennifer @ Smart?

    I mean, if you're partaking in this hobby during this time, it's a risk regardless of any sort of safety "precautions" they take. A mask isn't doing anything when she's going to be laying beside you later.
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    Has anyone tried the new ???NewSpa! 8th st new westminster ?

    Jesus Christ, $240? Gemini was like $80 or $100 for topless for 30 min...
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    Kate 7377 any info

    wondering as well! Actually, I'm curious; did you prefer Anna or Chloe in terms of looks, body, etc...?
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    What's with all the threads and peeps calling it quits??

    You guys are looking way too into this. New year -> New Years Resolutions. Simple! Whether they stick with it is another thing entirely.
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    Natalie 5151

    interested as well!
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    Miley 3617

    C'mon, you can't not know how to get an address for a picture but know how to find a message board for seeing escorts... poopquiz literally told you how to do it. Have you not used a smartphone for web-browsing until today?
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    Miley 3617

    Google man, hits for like every single picture... Did you even try?
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    Lotus Spa

    No dude, wtf? I'm not gonna say that every single girl loves what they're doing but that image makes me sad and isn't indicative of Lotus, Tiger, etc...
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    Smart spa reccomendations

    She was upstairs. Not sure what days she works though
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    Smart spa reccomendations

    Bottoms didn't come off as she seemed somewhat uncomfortable when I even asked. Because of this, I actually didn't see her whole body as she had high-wasted yoga pants on but I'm inclined to say a slight tummy. I believe real, B cups by my estimate. Completely forgot to mention she was actually...
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    Smart spa reccomendations

    Ended up seeing Maggie. I don't think it was Mary like jwd said but nothing to write home about either. I haven't actually had Mary before but I didn't recognize Maggie's face. Age is similar to the other women at this place, she definitely seemed very new as she always said 'thank you' after...