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    Katie 0116

    I actually contacted her a couple of times right after her LL ad appeared and no response whatsoever. Did u see her recently ?
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    Chanel Black 8018

    Agree on this one. Seen her a couple of time - young, attractive and blonde (natural) and nice perky boobs. The highlight of my last session was CIM. Came so hard that she commented that it was a big ‘load’. She is exactly my type though, so I guess I am biased.
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    Info on lotus LL9050

    I just saw her for a quicky 15mins in Surrey. Whilst I agree that she is fun, into the session and was definitely sensitive to DATY, I did not find her facially cute or attractive. As always this is very subjective - I am Asian and we tend to judge our own kind a lot more harshly. She would...
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    Banned on Perb

    Thanks guys and MOD for your responses. It was definitely an eye opener reading the Perbatory posts. Some of the things said/done by people are truly unbelievable !
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    Banned on Perb

    I wonder what the main reasons are for being banned on Perb - if banned typically for how long ? I can guess the obvious ones - shills and dishonest posts but wonder if there are other reasons. Am asking because I can often see posts from awhile back or even recent posts from Perbites whose...
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    Tia 7706

    Any intel on this gal?
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    has anybody heard from pixxie 6456?

    The 6456 group said that she should be back in a couple of weeks which I guess means early June. I can’t wait to see her either!
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    Looking for CBCs / students

    Did not partake in bbbj as I am not the bj kinda guy. Decent DFK when fucking her is mish. Tight pussy - daty tasted good !
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    Looking for CBCs / students

    Eugenie 4151 - Saw her about a month prior to the pandemic. Whilst not unattractive, she is perhaps considered an average looking SP and quite petite. 45mins (can’t remember the donation) and tried every position possible. Very willing to please and a number of times I was about to pop (early...
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    Hailey 5868- how to get ahold of her?

    I don’t post and comment much but here is my 2 cents worth. I saw her a couple of mths prior to the pandemic. I had texted her a couple of times with no reply. The only time that I got a reply was on the same morning when she posted so she only seems to respond on the day when her LL ad is up...
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    Nellie 3208

    Ditto for me on this one. If the IT inclined amongst us is able to check if these are bonafide pictures, I would be happy to TOFTT on this lady. Thanks !
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    Alexa- Broadway and Clark - 3714 LL

    Is it her by any chance ?
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    Unfortunately I believe this is a fake as I have seen this person post on 11 Aug for both Winnipeg and Edmonton. Shame the pictures are really hot !!