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    White girl suggestion in Burnaby/Langley/Richmond/surrey

    Hey man, this should be a question in the 411 section. Having said that, it depends on what you are looking for and your budget. I just posted a review on Bella 5196 in Langley. She was great. Both Pink Diamond Condos and 6456 club have lots of nice ladies also.
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    Young spinner massage girl-daty

    Following - with interest:)
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    Last Digits 2655 No Show

    That's really unfortunate and inconsiderate. I'll admit that I can make scheduling difficult as booking is tricky for me to line up child care, find free time from work... etc, and once or twice I've had to cancel (with as much time as possible, and usually offers of some form of cancelation...
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    Tasty sp's that genuinely enjoy daty/dato?

    Thanks man! Can't go wrong with pink diamond.
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    Tasty sp's that genuinely enjoy daty/dato?

    The title says it all, I've been hungry for some fine dining and had poor luck. Lately SP's agree via text but become restrictive when it comes to the deed after recieving donations. I'm not particular about race, but under 30 is a plus. Bonus points for waxed! I'd appreciate any suggestions...
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    Sasha 3375

    No sir. Work is nuts right now and won't have time until the weekend. Maybe.
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    Sasha 3375

    If you search by name there is an unflattering review from the last time she was in town... having said that I might give her a try this weekend if time permits. She definitely looks like my type, and her Only Fans is pretty nice.
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    Daniella 8523

    Too bad, those freckles are super cute.
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    Micaela LL9493

    I posted a review not too long ago. Personally, I'd have a hard time recommending her. Nice enough, but much better out there.
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    Newbie Screening question and if I should use a burner phone?

    Hey man. I use a text app. There are lots that are discrete, and can burn numbers whenever you need.
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    Looking for providers (duo) able to provide the following scenario:

    I'd reach out to Maya West. She might be able to help.
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    Best ass

    Soma Nova is the answer. She doesn't seem to post much anymore, but Soma is something else.
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    Jasmine 6065

    Nope. Regrettably i chose Micaela by granville island. Really nice lady, but no waterworks. Would not repeat.
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    Looking to get squirted on

    Me too! I've heard great things about Vyxen 6465 (i think) but never had the pleasure.