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    Milana and Mia Mae are u diffrent people.

    Milana and Mia Mae are u diffrent people.
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    I have never seen mia more

    I have never seen mia more
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    No they are 2 total different individual

    No they are 2 total different individual
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    Nanno @daynight

    Damnn, that sounds pretty bad. The mamasan was hyping her up so much. Good to know. save me big time. Thanks.
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    Nanno @daynight

    Any info on her? Can't seem to find anything on her. Cheers.
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    sweetandcharming400 Cuddleup Info?

    Hello gentlemen, don't have a premium account so I'm asking for help. Wonder if anyone had a seen her and can share some details on rates/services and her contact info. She looks great have 1 review already. Feel free to PM or share here. Cheers, DW13
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    Cuddle up

    There is a new one name katie, picture looks legit.
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    Renee Phillips

    Looking for info on Renee Phillips from cuddle up. Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers,
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    Cuddle up - bbveexo

    any info? the picture looks legit and awesome.
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    Miss Beatrice Service look Alike

    hey Y'LL, been in the hobby for a while and wanted something more chill and low key. Try Miss Beatrice service which is Amazing, some cuddle and kiss with Hand. Looking for this kind of service with some younger provider and obviously gotta be attractive as well. try too look around couldn't...
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    SP with striper SKILLS

    Looking for a Striper who actually knows how to dance? any recommendation pooners?? cheers, DW13
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    new TITFUCK on the block Recommendation

    How does she looks tho? is she good looking?
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    Emilie latendresse

    Do any of you now if she is retired now or still in the business??
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    Hello to fellow pooners, I am currently in Hongkong for business and will be visiting Singapore and Indonesia. Been trying to find some ladies here but have no luck. Just wandering if any of you know a site or any independent ladies around the area. Thanks.