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    Moonlight Bunny

    Great question! And I would ask the same about: Surrey’s Ginger and Jewel Mrs Robinson And Kelly Hodge
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    Old names

    Thanks ! Probably should’ve asked if anyone had seen them recently?
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    Old names

    Anyone had the (hopefully) pleasure in seeing either: Surrey’s Ginger Cherise Jewel Mrs Robinson Kelly Hodges ? All nice ladies, hope they are still providing top service.
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    Best $60 HJ Option?

    Go see Mary at Smart, she is great.
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    Smart Spa

    Would second that.
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    Smart Spa

    Mary is very nice, speaks perfect English. She gives a very strong massage and HE. At $80 for 45 min it’s hard to beat.
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    Smart Spa

    Who’s your favourite at Smart these days? Saw Mary a few weeks ago. I really doubt there is better value in the lower mainland. Got a glimpse (I think) of Lisa, she looked very nice.
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    Reach Studio

    I know Peter and would say there is zero chance.
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    Should ya?

    Given what the whole world is going through should anyone be posting any recent reviews? I see women like Ginger saying she will see a select few, I love the woman but that is not a good thing. What do you guys think?
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    Great Pharaoh closing temporarily.

    Walked by Reach today on Broadway. Can’t believe Peter is still working his girls.
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    Valentina 0902

    This looks legit but also way good to be true.
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    Robin New West

    Anyone know?