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Thread: Mia,Laya, Syndee, Ashley Contact infos

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    Mia,Laya, Syndee, Ashley Contact infos

    Dear All,

    Can any 1 provide me some contacts on these ladies...I am here for a month and make the best of it...

    If you might know any other names that r AWESOME can be missed , pls let me know...

    Will wait for your responses....

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    Ashley and Mia are on the board



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    Laya and Syn-dee both have adds in monday magazine, and I think I saw a website for Laya a couple weeks ago so you could try searching.

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    I pm you with info already?
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    The wait is over....I finally get a chance to see Ashley's website Nicely done Ashley

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    new number...

    I still have to get around to changing my number on my advertisments, but my new number is 250-884-4142
    Of course, you can always e-mail or pm me.

    FYI I won't be available until after the 21st...

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