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    Talked to philipino anna from, B.C about her trip to alberta the other day on msn.Told her i might be interested in seeing her when she comes.She threw about ten questions at me quicker then oprah could eat a cheese burger.What natinality are you,how much do you weigh,how old are you,looks,what is your income,what do you do for a living, .I was in shock at all the questions.I asked her why it was necessary to answer all these questions.Her response was that she is only seeing "distinguished gentleman".I then said thats o.k iam not interested.She then said ,i would never be able to afford the rate anyway,then she logged off i guess.I got a bad,evil vibe abut her.After that little chit chat with her i wouldn't want to see her anyway.

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    quicker then oprah could eat a cheese burger...

    Hey,...Gord..... that comment was uncalled for.. & I won't have it!!.. YOu my friend will be punished!!........ xoxo... "spanks" .......

    Karma Kisses .. xo xo
    Lets Conflu Energy..Live ..Love ..Laugh

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    Sorry karma

    ok ok karma quicker then i can say "karma is a fox",hope 2 c u soon.not sure about the punishment part though.

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    I think it would be interresting to see how one would be punished by this Goddess. Now I'm curious about this young Lady and the other services she provides besides a super GFE. Karma let this Shy guy know if you don't mind.
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    "Listen beeyotch. Are ya gonna phuck me or give me a mortgage?"

    A picky ho.
    That's a fuckin' riot.
    There are too many good SPs out there that don't think their shit smells like roses to waste yer time on the ones that do.
    Good post.
    Living vicariously through my monkey.

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