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Thread: Naughty Little Hottie...Rae Amora!

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    Smile Naughty Little Hottie...Rae Amora!

    Naughty Little Hottie....Rae Amora!

    I finally got in to see Miss Amora! What a blast and definitely worth the wait. Thanks to Beaverfever000 for the info and great review which sparked my interest and hamlin11 for greasing the wheels as it were.

    Rae is exactly as Beaverfever000 describes; cute, multiorgasmic, loves daty, loves the cock, and she is a tight girl for sure. Rae is an expressive kisser and you can expect to have your fill. Curvy, diminutive, with luscious hair, cute glasses, she has an Asian cast to her eyes but she is 100% Italian.

    Rae opens up and is quite talkative once the ice is broken. We yakked from beginning to end it was fun. I guess for me the fact that we graduated from the same faculty at University really made the connection between us immediate. I felt like I was back in my Uni heydays and banging a hot girl from campus! Oh to be in my twenties again....(at least for an hour) Ha Ha!

    Rae is very part time so don't expect to be able to text her and get in right away, probably not going to happen that fast. But worth the effort you bet!

    Check out Beaverfever's review: for Picts and info, it's all the dets are there.

    Will I see her again, yes of course I am eager to see how things unfold between us. A connection was made and I mean to keep on connecting...LOL!

    And that is the way I pooned it, this Tuesday afternoon July 18th.


    (As in all things pooning ymmv of course)

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    Great review as always pro-boner. Glad to see Rae get noticed. She certainly loves her Os. Some of my hottest escapades have been with Rae. Sometimes it just clicks with the YMMV factor and you just think "WTF just happened?"

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