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    Amber - Caramel treat

    Well, I had an Amber itch for a few months, maybe a year or so, and today I scratched it.
    As with other ads & ladies, the LACK of comments here is noted, but I TOFTT.
    And...I would probably repeat. I will explain.
    Texting was a bit maddening, as I would send a text, and then wait for a minimum 10 minutes for a reply. I don't know if the 1-431 phone number takes a longer time to send & receive texts (which I doubt), or she just took her time replying...who knows.
    In any case, set up an meeting, and she told me to text her back when I was in her suburb of the city (St Boniface), just so she would know I was en route. No problem.
    Her address was found without incident, and parking was easy.
    She came to the building door, even though there is a buzzcode panel, and let me in.
    Hello, Janet Jackson....

    Amber has a very similar resemblance, including her 5'0 - 5'1 height, compact body, approxminately 120 pounds, a little chubby in select parts which make it a good thing, even the hairstyle being just past shoulder length, with the curls.
    I don't know if Janet has tattoos, but Amber does. They are not a distraction at all.
    And, Janet is black, Amber is aboriginal, maybe metis.
    In her bedroom, I gave the money up front, and we proceeded to lfk while undressing.
    An A Cup, maybe...MAYBE a B Cup size of breasts, which were natural. A little tummy was noted, but oh well.
    A CBJ commenced, which she perfomed with enthusiasm. When she came up for air, I managed to re-position ourselves so I was able to return the appetizer with some DATY. She is trimmed (which is a blessing), and no bad smell was noted. She has a booty which you grab a handful of in each hand.
    She is a moaner & will actually make noise during foreplay, both giving & receiving.
    She asked what position to start out in, I suggested cowgirl, which she obliged. Switched to doggy, where she likes having her asscheeks grabbed & held.
    Flipped over to missionary for the end, and she was vocal throughout.
    Finished up, got dressed & left in maybe 25 minutes of the scheduled hh. I did not notice a clock being watched.
    I don't know if others have seen her & not commented here, or why the lack of posts with her name in them.
    I am glad I scratched this itch, and as I said, I will probably return at some point.
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