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    ISO Julia

    Anyone seen Julia. Advertises in the BS and WE:

    Located near Knight and Kingsway

    * JULIA *
    BEAUTIFUL & busty with waist length hair. Real pampering for the connoisseur. Quality sessions all include videos, bodysage, lingerie, body shampoo or bubble bath all in air conditioned comfort. Ask about my new V.I.P. sessions. East Van location. In/out. Duos by request. 604-873-5546

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    You revived a 7 month thread to shill.

    Julia you revived timhorton's 7 month thread to shill for yourself.
    You're supposed to be in the paid advertiser section.

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    Nah ladies & gents...let's not get goaded into a fight. There's too much of this going's not worth the air...

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    Thumbs up Glad I made a difference....

    Hi julie......

    Happy to hear that our little exchange of opinions has made a difference. In case you have forgotten...I had a nice time. And I am sure others share the same opinion. Your beautiful.

    I wish you all the best. No doubt you have added some memorable experiences to those that have been following this thread.

    Squeezing you in my mind.

    Be nice and be safe. Good manners are free and being rude will eventually cost you.

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