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Hello I hate to do this so you . I'm Todd. I have lived in Vancouver for 30 years. I just moved to Ontario/ Oshawa. I'm a fish out of water here. I could really use some help how to escorts for girls in these places. Thanks Todd 778 318 2131
can anyone recommend a thicker type girl? Not quite bbw… tricities
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Alice 8765 she used to work out of Coquitlam. I don’t see her post often tho. And also Amy 9122 but she works DT
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just had morning, lazy, boozy coffee alone. and it is much less satisfying than with company, covered in breath and sweat.
I wonder about age and this industry and this city. Is a civil conversation possible? I am curious about ideas of a mature provider, what are the benefits to that, what are the resistances? Can only hot young things be successful here? How about hot mature things? I wish I could host a discreet salon and muse all this over drinks.
Mila Doval
Mila Doval
imagining the zipper on that dress being undone speaks to me;) i think what really appeals to most is the energy of young women, it helps men be generous & feel most desired. that is my conclusion. i would like to be more of an exciting surprise locally before i seriously consider moving overseas where mature women, i am told, are much more valued.
Nicola Johnson
Nicola Johnson
From my experience I find that more mature companion do better when it comes to in-person. I have meet a lot of very successful ones and almost all of them don’t do it online. Also I think mature companions especially the Caucasian ones do very well in Europe and Asia and they charge way more than younger providers.
Mila Doval
Mila Doval
Thank you for your take on it. All my dates are in person, tho I do have a website and social media presence.
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Have you been advertising in Ottawa region? Not sure if someone is posting as you or if I should be excited that you may have travelled out east!
Could I have this account deleted?