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Hey Eastvan ... Crystal sounds great. Can you give me a more accurate location on Windsor St you found her? Cross street or the building? And what time was it about. Thanks Colombia
Sure can, right on windsor and kw, South side of kw by those condo units. Was around 12:30 am
Thanks Eastvan. Much appreciated!
I have been trying to find Staycie since Jaxleen retired. I met Jaxleen first and stayed faithful to her but now she is gone and I have been trying to find her partner Staycie. Would there be any chance you could share her contact number with me?
And yes, I miss Jaxleen big time! What a beautiful face she has!
And personality. Her skills were awesome too. It doesn’t seem she will be coming back to us. I hope one day soon I can meet Staycie
Thank you so much for Staycie’s number!
I swear you reviewed Audrey from leolist but your review seems to have vanished. Am I wrong? Why is that?
You have so many messages I likely won't get reply--I wanted Vyxen or Scarlett on Friday I phoned for 1 1/2 hours on Wed and Thursday June 25 also on Friday morning for about an hour NO Reply so how do possibley make an appt to see either one Sat. June 9 or 10 AM Funtobe.
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